bashtop – top on steroids on bash

Do you have bash and do you want a damn pretty good top command without installing a bunch of dependencies, stop searching you’ve found bashtop.


Easy installation, it’s just a single script, you can clone (or download) it from its page in Github:

git clone
cd bashtop
sudo make install

Alternatively if you are in Ubuntu you can add its repository and installer (my preferred method to receive updates):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bashtop-monitor/bashtop
sudo apt update
sudo apt install bashtop

Running bashtop

Just run it from command line:


You can see several zones on screen with:

  • CPU load.
  • Memory usage.
  • Disk partitions.
  • Network activity.
  • Processes list.
Running bashtop on Ubuntu on WSL

Press q to exit, you can also browse the processes and change a lot of options (press h for help).

Other screenshot from the author:

Screenshot from the bashtop author


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